Orange flames on gas stove

Last week during the polar vortex, the kids and I noticed that the normally blue flames on our gas stovetop had a decidedly orange tint to them. I was concerned that there was something that changed to our gas supply or to our gas system. Having read reports of some people having trouble with their gas meters, was a trouble call to Nicor in my future?

A little more searching online revealed another possible reason — ultrasonic humidifiers. As it had turned out, I had indeed ordered a few ultrasonic humidifiers from Costco last Monday which were immediately placed into service after their delivery. We discontinued their use on Saturday when it got warmer outside and by Sunday the flames had returned to their normal blue color.

Apparently, these new ultrasonic humidifiers are very efficient , putting a gallon of water in just under 24 hours. But they put everything into the air — including any dissolved minerals or salts (from water softeners). Those items end up being burned in the gas flames and consequently change the color. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

It was time to run an experiment. View the results below (via YouTube)!

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