Spyder/Bikini Top Build Photos

Inspired by some SEMA show concept cars, I had a Spyder/Bikini top constructed for MinimalUpgrades.

The show car top was convertible top fabric over a hard shell that extended from the windshield frame to “feet” that came down behind the seats to the roll hoops. Mazda never considered a production version as there is nowhere to store the top inside the car when removed to secure the vehicle or during inclement weather.

My version started with a donor convertible top frame acquired from someone building a track car.

I cut it apart to use the header bow that latches to the windshield frame. It’s surprisingly solid when latched into place.

I then mocked up with some old drop cloth and worked with Riggs Brothers in St Charles to source the convertible material and complete the top.

Haartz convertible fabric in “HotRod” colors. May not be available anymore.
Mockup using some old dropcloth.
Initial layout with Haartz fabric.
Final product with gray edge covering.